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Cryptocurrency Meets FinTech

At Blockhenge, we are driven by our ultimate vision to support the transition to digital currencies by maturing the capabilities of the investment and trading communities.  We are building the best, most trusted, and most customer-centric products for cryptoasset traders by anticipating the expanding demands of our customers and developing the most innovative products and services for them.

Blockhenge is owned and operated by a team in Austin, Texas who have worked in cryptocurrency and blockchain since its inception in 2009.  Our team thrives because of its rich mix of software and network engineers led by information security experts, experienced traders and investors in both traditional and digital asset markets, and entrepreneurs from technology and fintech backgrounds.

Our first product, Cryptomnio, was developed to tame the fragmented nature of advanced crypto asset trading by providing a single point of access to the most notable exchanges.  However, we didn’t feel it was complete without offering additional products to enhance user capability and ensure security of their digital assets.


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Built by Traders, for Traders

Blockhenge provides sophisticated software solutions for advanced traders in digital assets. Our product journey began by building foundational middleware so users can have the most secure, reliable, and high-performancing experience as possible. This middleware solution is known as Cryptomnio.

On top of Cryptomnio, we've built services to support the needs of traders, exchange aggregators and administrators by providing solutions tailored to the needs of each of our customer groups.


Cryptomnio is a middleware platform that enables unified trading on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. This solution offers to manage, balance and execute trades from your own trading interface.

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Developed by our team of information security experts, Exchange Health Watch (xRx) is the first of its kind service that continually assesses the stability and connectivity to exchanges. Manage your assets with confidence of the up-to-the-minute status of your exchange connections.

Strategy Runner

A service designed by our traders to support creation and execution of trading algorithms. It simplifies the assembly of customized indicators and allows seamless integration with exchanges.

Cryptomnio Lite

Read-only access to data and point-in-time reporting that is customizable in format, content, delivery, and frequency, geared towards the needs of fund administrators, accountants, and tax consultants.

Pro Trader UI

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