Connect Once and Trade More

Cryptomnio is an advanced cryptoasset trading gateway unifying access to exchanges.

Exchange Connectivity

Cryptomnio is a middleware platform that allows you to:

- Improve your execution with a consolidated view of the market.

- Track your exchange positions and wallet balances individually or in total.

- Monitor arbitrage opportunities across exchanges and products.


Add-On Services

To compliment the Cryptomnio middleware platform, Blockhenge offers add-on services for those customers who require additional features to enhance the experience for specific business model.


Developed by our team of information security experts, Exchange Health Watch (xRx) is the first of its kind service that continually assesses the stability and connectivity to exchanges. Manage your assets with confidence of the up-to-the-minute status of your exchange connections.

Strategy Runner

A service designed by our traders to support creation and execution of trading algorithms. It simplifies the assembly of customized indicators and allows seamless integration with exchanges.

Cryptomnio Lite

Cryptomnio Lite is a read-only data and reporting service that was designed for the needs of fund administrators, accountants and tax consultants in mind who need visibility into exchanges but not trade execution.


Technical Capabilities

Cryptomnio is a standalone product that provides exchange connectivity with best-in-class performance, reliability and security.

Cryptomnio leverages the Blockhenge worldwide server network to deliver your orders to exchanges in the most efficient route possible. This results in high order frequency and low latency.

We’ve built a system to provide traders a service with virtually no downtime. Cryptomnio is ready and waiting to place your trades at all times of the day or night.

With backgrounds in cybersecurity, our founders put best practices to work to ensure your orders are secure and cryptoassets are held at stable exchanges.

Ease of Use
Cryptomnio uses universal REST interface, to help you minimize build costs so you can focus on in-house innovation and developing winning strategies.

Lower Costs
Cryptomnio allows customers to focus on creating and monitoring winning trading strategies rather than developing, integrating and maintaining the software and hardware to connect to exchanges to do so. Customers will lower both infrastructure and personnel costs and focus on growing their portfolios.


Supported Exchanges

Stable and fast connections to the most liquid digital asset exchanges are keystones of Cryptomnio and Exchange Health Watch. As such, we are currently offering connectivity to the following exchanges. More will be added in the future if we determine they fit our criteria. If you have a specific exchange you’d like added, please contact us.

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